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Robin Hood lore videos

Drawn from the deep well of the Robin Hood legend, these videos explore the characters of KING ROBIN, a unique take on the timeless tale of the rogue of Sherwood Forest.


Was Robin Hood real?

Learn what scholars say about the legendary rogue of Sherwood Forest.

The secret life of Friar Tuck

Usually portrayed as fat and jolly, this monk had a darker side in early tales.

English literature's first feminist?

Robin Hood's Maid Marian was hardly a damsel in distress.

The value of a Robin Hood heist

What would the take from a Medieval sheriff be worth today?

Historical Fiction Morsels 

Discover a wealth of Medieval facts and myths connected to the Robin Hood legend and KING ROBIN, a unique twist on the tale of the rogue of Sherwood Forest.


"Got a minute?"

Learn why you would have never heard this said in the Medieval era. 

The Medieval Beer Myth

Did folks in Medieval times drink beer to avoid polluted water?

The gallows for poaching?

Could hunting for your supper send you to the hangman?

Astrology as medicine?

Did Medieval physicians really use astrology to treat their patients?

What's a mileway?

A mileway sounds like a measurement of distance, right? 

Was King Richard really a Lionheart?

In Hollywood, he's been called "Richard of The Third Reel".

KING ROBIN table readings  

Check out these talented actors reading brief excerpts from KING ROBIN.


Kayla Graham as Robert Webber's mother, Anna Webber

Harry Goodwins as a young Robert Webber/Robin Hood

Lizzie Bourne as Maid Marian during her first encounter with Robert Webber

Darren Hill as Prince John, brother of Richard the Lionheart

Simon Hedger as a middle-aged Robert Webber/Robin Hood 


He robbed the rich and gave to the poor... until he became king. 

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