Topline comments of manuscript coverage by story analyst, James Chatterton, (Anonymous Content, HBO):

  • “Tailor-made for a multi-season series on streaming or cable”

  • “Rich and multi-faceted, with plenty of conflict and intrigue”

  • “On the same plane as Rise of Empires, Knightfall, The Last Kingdom and even Game of Thrones”

  • “A fresh and compelling take” of the Robin Hood legend

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He robbed the rich and gave to the poor... until he became king.

King Robin has the elements of a blockbuster feature film or streaming service series:


  • The immediate appeal of a legendary hero

  • Rich supporting cast of familiar characters

  • Fresh and timely take on an established franchise

  • Half-century saga with long-arc character development

  • Action-packed, compelling plot with high-stakes conflicts

  • Provocative sensuality, dark impulses and ribald humor




The beloved rogue of Sherwood Forest triumphs over the ruthless Prince John and takes the throne – only to become a tyrant himself.


In a saga spanning a half-century, this action packed, adult rated tale vividly explores the seductive undertow of power as it transforms a hero into a despot. 


Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Little John, King Richard and the legend’s other characters are complex figures alive with raw passions, dark impulses and ribald humor. 



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"Passion takes many forms in this sexy, fisticuffs-full,

blow-by-blow (yup; both meanings)

retelling of the Robin Hood legend."

Rebecca Coffey

Journalist, humorist, author 

"A timeless dilemma in a fascinating book."

John Thorndike

Award-winning author of

A Hundred Fires in Cuba

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