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Meet Robert Webber, alias Robin Hood

A legend breaks bad.

Discover the Robin Hood legend as you’ve never known if before. Order KING ROBIN today.

A half-noble bastard.

The baseborn son of the Baron of Nottingham, Robert Webber is raised in a cottage but with the privileges of a lord. Despite his father’s influence, Robert’s strong-willed peasant mother instills in her son a deep compassion for England’s common folk.


Driven by honor. Consumed by passion.

Robert’s wit and virtue win the love of Marian De Beaumont, the libertine daughter of a high court official. Their ardent love affair ends abruptly when Marian is forced into a political marriage to a gay husband, testing their love for each other.


Military hero.

Robert’s skills as a warrior help prince Richard the Lionheart become king. Six months into Richard’s reign, the new monarch departs on a crusade to the Holy Land, leaving his brother John as Regent.


Champion for the poor.

When the ruthless Prince John threatens peasant lives with his cruel taxes, Robert must make a decision. Will he break the law and compromise his honor to save the poor?


The destiny of honor.

The decision to become a brigand known as Robin Hood draws Robert Webber into an undertow of power that will shape his destiny – and make him a king. 


His unlikely Merry Men.

Little John is a brilliant military engineer. Will Scarlett is a gay highborn cavalryman. Marian is lethal with a crossbow. Even Robert’s own mother joins the band.


“A sexy retelling of the Robin Hood legend.”
Rebecca Coffey - Author and journalist (Forbes, NPR )

“Gusto. Humor. Eros.”
Ralph Keyes - Author of The Post-Truth Era

“Thought-provoking. A real page-turner.”
Bob White, Chairman
Worldwide Robin Hood Society

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