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                      Meet R. A. Moss 

I earned my keep as a writer long before penning KING ROBIN, a journey into a new genre which I'm excited to share. Under my birth name, I've authored four novels in other genres that earned accolades from Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today. Along with being a presenter at book festivals and author conferences in Arkansas, California, Ohio and Wisconsin, my work has been featured nationwide on TV, radio and publications in print and on the web.

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I'm happy to say the acclaim for KING ROBIN has so far been auspicious.

"A sexy retelling of the Robin Hood legend."
Rebecca Coffey - Author and journalist (Forbes, NPR)

"Gusto. Humor. Eros."

Ralph Keyes - Author of The Post-Truth Era

"Tailor-made for a multi-season series on streaming or cable"

James Chatterton - Story analyst (Anonymous Content, HBO)

(See full manuscript coverage)

"Thought-provoking. A real page turner."

Bob White - Worldwide Robin Hood Society

"A timeless dilemma in a fascinating book."
John Thorndike - Award-winning author

"Deep characters. Surprising plot twists." 

Daniel Holland - Director/writer/producer

"Crackerjack. Truly cinematic, yet realistic."
Jennifer Silva Redmond - Editor and screenwriter

"Smart, brisk. A parable for our dystopian times."
Thelma T. Reyna, Ph.D. - Award-winning author and editor

"An original take on a true classic."

Marco Frazier - Head of Insight Studios US


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