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Was Robin Hood real?

Was Robin Hood a real person? That seems to be a chicken-or-the-egg question.

Some medieval scholars claim that variants of "Robin Hood" (Robhode, Robert Hode, and others) were simply generic terms for an outlaw. The reason? That name had been applied to different bandits over hundreds of years in England.

Other scholars argue that this indicates there once was an original Robin Hood from which these generic variants spawned. However, no one has been able to definitively establish who this original Robin Hood was... if he ever existed.

One thing is certain. As perhaps the best-known tale of English folklore, the Robin Hood legend continues to find resonance in cultures across the globe even to this day.

In King Robin, the beloved rogue of Sherwood Forest triumphs over the ruthless Prince John and takes the throne – only to become a tyrant himself.

In a saga spanning a half-century, this action packed, adult rated Medieval thriller vividly explores the seductive undertow of power as it transforms a hero into a despot.

A fresh take on a cast of well-known characters

King Robin “puts these enduring characters into a realistic milieu, where the morality is grey, and the decisions are never easy. With the structure and approach, it’s custom-built for streaming or cable audiences,” reports story analyst James Chatterton (HBO, Anonymous Content) in his cinematic coverage of the novel.

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“Gusto. Humor. Eros.”
Ralph Keyes - Author of The Post-Truth Era


“Thought-provoking. A real page-turner.”
Bob White, Chairman - Worldwide Robin Hood Society


“A sexy retelling of the Robin Hood legend.”
Rebecca Coffey - Author and journalist (Forbes, NPR )


“Smart. Brisk. A parable for our dystopian times.”
Thelma T. Reyna, Ph.D. - Award-winning author and editor


“Deep characters. Surprising plot twists.”
Daniel Holland - Director/Writer/Producer


“Will delight and surprise you.”
Marco Frazier- Head of Insight Studios US

“A truly fabulous read.”
Emma Talitha Reynolds - Director, Television Industry


“A timeless dilemma in a fascinating book.”
John Thorndike - Author of A Hundred Fires in Cuba


“Crackerjack. Truly cinematic, yet realistic.”
Jennifer Silva Redmond - Editor and screenwriter


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