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He robbed the rich and gave to the poor... until he became king. 

The Merry Men

The list of Robin Hood's comrades has varied with the legend's many retellings. King Robin incorporates most of the Merry Men from previous sources. Those used in King Robin are noted with a brief bio of the character in the novel.


Friar Tuck

Robert Webber’s first teacher in Nottingham. Later a close ally and Archbishop of Canterbury.


Little John

Military engineer. Long-time  military comrade of Robert Webber. 


Gilbert Whitehand

Skilled archer. Long-time military comrade of Robert Webber. 


Will Scarlett

Noble cavalryman. Military comrade of Robert Webber. Lover of Marian’s first husband. 


Arthur Bland

Sent by Richard to be Robert Webber’s valet. Later becomes Chancellor of the Exchequer for King Robert. 

Much the Miller's son

Defector from the Order of The Cross. Joins Robert’s insurgents in Sherwood Forest. 


David of Doncaster

Will Stutely


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