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Medieval Facts & Myths: What's a mileway?

A mileway sounds like a measurement of distance, right? But in the Medieval era, a mileway was a commonly-used unit of time.

So how long was a mileway? Get ready to slap your forehead...

It was the amount of time it takes to walk a mile -- roughly 20 minutes.

"Three Mileway maken an howre," said the author of the Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer. Mr. Chaucer's chronicle tracks quite accurately with the 3 mph average walking speed of most humans.

It seems like another era since most of us waited for a restaurant table. But when that day comes, let's hope your wait is less than a mileway.

Medieval Facts & Myths is a blog series featuring KING ROBIN, a novel by R. A. Moss releasing February 2021 from Beck and Branch Publishers.

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